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Core Competency Currency

I was talking recently with John Martellaro on ‘The Background Mode’ podcast - and while we were discussing the massive business that Apple enjoyed with Xserve and Xserve RAID John basically asked: ‘Why would Apple kill it (a $400M est.

Connecting With Passion

How many times have you agreed to a meeting to learn more about a company, technology or product, or stopped at a technology trade show to see a demo? Hundreds? Thousands?

Meat or Bread? Can Your Customers Tell What You DO?

A roommate once pulled a tin of something from the depths of our shared fridge, fogged over in a carpet of blue-green mold and asked - ‘Is this meat? Or bread?

The Power of Iteration and Flow

To paraphrase several instructors I’ve had over the years ‘its better to have a good plan NOW than a perfect plan TOO LATE.’ As sound as this advice is for military leaders - its also true for content creators and designers.

Got My Mind on my Message

As a former Apple Technology Evangelist I’d often get the sweet gig of helping showcase Apple products at WWDC, MacWorld, or NAB. (Remember how great Apple booths were at MacWorld and NAB?