Technology Stack

Middleman logo

Middleman - Ruby site generator engine for modern web development

Slim logo

Slim - Clean, common-sense HTML templates

Node js logo

Node.js - Home of the V8 JavaScript runtime engine

Sass logo

SASS - Super-powered CSS with variables and mixins

Gulp logo

Gulp.js - Javascript workflow automation

Babel logo

Babel Javascript Transpiler - use Modern ES/JS everywhere

Technology Used

This site is a content management tool built with some of my favorite tools - Ruby, Javascript, Middleman, Markdown and Slim.

The effect is a CMS build engine that fights sprawl, is lean and fast, and finally lets content authors write in clean, uncluttered Markdown, lets web designers use the latest SCSS/SASS, Scripters use the latest ES6/Typescript. Individual webpages are authored in Slim, and ruby/erb/slim includes pull in modular chunks of the website to keep it all DRY and sane.

Have a footer to change on every page? Edit once in the include file and its updated everywhere.

Product Marketing, Branding and Strategy, Code and Content