About Skip Levens and Giant Ravens

Skip Levens speaking at the inaugural MacDevOpsYVR - photo by Nick Untz Skip Levens speaking at the inaugural MacDevOpsYVR - photo by Nick Untz

About Skip Levens

Skip Levens has been driving product marketing, technology evangelism and brand marketing since 1993.

He is driven to make the complex simpler - to connect company, brand, and product to customers in fresh and creative ways that fit how the customer thinks - and the challenges they face. His mission is to teach, coach, and evangelize excellence. Skip is an eight-year Apple alum, a lifelong student of the Apple New Product Development Process, Branding, Social Media, Business and Competitive Intelligence, Product Marketing, and Technical Evangelism.

His specialties are Movie and Television production storage and workflows, Object Storage, Cloud Storage, Product Marketing, Product Management, Product Marketing, Technology Marketing, Technology Management, Business and Competitive Intelligence, Web Application Design, Relationship Management, Partnership Management, User Interface and User Experience, Ruby on Rails, Web App Development.

Skip has spoken frequently at events and conferences including:

  • MacDevOps YVR - “Collaboration and the spirit of DevOps”
  • Storage Visions
  • Creative Storage
  • TWiT - Leo Laporte This Week in Tech
  • Digital Production Buzz

About Giant Ravens

Giant Ravens is Skip’s company to provide consulting services for branding, strategy, product development and product marketing, and as a small code shop that specialized in websites, web apps, production workflow tools and marketing systems that focus on the true needs and desires of technology customers, rooted in solid sales strategies.

Some projects developed at Giant Ravens include:

  • SpongeKMS - an organization-wide customer intelligence application (private beta, by invitation only)
  • TimelineSurfer - a timeline based asset manager for investigators, media archivers and historians (private beta, by invitation only)
  • Marketing and Sales Operations Applications on Demand - examples include channel and sales management to deliver sales and integrator channel marketing content, training, deal registration.